5 Unusual Options for Team Building

October 12th, 2017

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Team-building activities have really caught on over recent years. They can be especially valuable for small companies, because often during everyday work there is no time to stop and get to know each other socially.  Sometimes people who work together in an office can also get together with colleagues in another small company for this type of event, or with colleagues who work remotely, helping them to build rewarding relationships.

Some types of team-building are of course closely related to your work. This could include booking a hall or meeting room and hiring a speaker on a related topic, or taking part in a training session or problem-solving workshop where you face the types of scenario you might have to cope with in real life.

Many companies choose activities which are less closely related to the working day, but still foster skills such as independent thinking, leadership and working closely with colleagues. Well-known options include rock climbing, canoeing and driving go-karts, but there are also more unusual ideas to choose from. Here’s a look at some of the team-building challenges which have been gaining in popularity over the last few years.

Escape Rooms

After starting in Japan, escape rooms are now proving a hit around the world. The idea is that a small group of people are “trapped” in a room and have to look for clues to get out.  These scenarios are rather like real-life video games – offering team-mates the chance to work on their problem-solving skills while competing against the clock.  Typically, there is a time limit of around an hour, so the group has to work fast, with each member taking on tasks.  Spy games are another team-building activity with some similarities, again encouraging participants to get out of their comfort zones and think their way around a problem.

Adventure Golf

Golf has long had a role to play in the world of work, with business colleagues and clients socialising on the course. But now non-golfers are also getting a taste of the sport on company away days. This type of mini-golf isn’t just for kids, with some centres offering themed courses on several different levels, and water features ranging from lagoons to waterfalls. This need not just be a summer activity, as some centres are open year-round.         

Ropes Courses

If you are looking for team-building in the great outdoors, high-ropes courses in forest settings are an increasingly popular idea. Tackling ladders and zip wires can help to build leadership skills, as those taking part urge one another on. If some of the group are less adventurous or don’t like heights, there may also be other activities on offer at the centres, such as low-level ropes or exploring the woods on a Segway.

Mixing Cocktails

For those looking for something more sedate than adventure sports, mixing cocktails is a popular option. It is great during the festive season or when your company has something special to celebrate. Various companies organise master classes, where you can learn what ingredients to include and then create your own cocktails. If some team members are non-drinkers, cocktails can be combined with mocktails, which will also reduce the cost of the activity. Chocolate making is another popular option, or you could even opt for a session combining cocktails and chocolates.

Charity Work

Not all team-building has to involveS activities which are laid on by external centres. Taking part in a charity project is another option, allowing staff to do something of benefit to the local community which is different from their usual working day. This could be anything from clearing litter to painting a wall or even working in a charity shop for the day. Sometimes this type of team-building initiative can lead to a longer-term relationship between your company and the charity. There are also team building companies which specifically organise charity initiatives, such as building a bike to donate to a local good cause.

Basepoint Centres

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