7 Ways to Brighten Up Mondays in the Office

April 24th, 2017


brighten up mondays, serviced office space

Probably few people would choose Monday as their favourite day of the week. This is expressed in social media hashtags such as #MondayBlues, which show just how many people feel. But does the start of the working week have to be a cue for misery, or are there ways to brighten up the day for you and your team?

As a provider of serviced office space, Basepoint takes an interest in all issues affecting small businesses, including staff engagement and wellbeing – all through the week. So here we have put together 7 tips which could just help to make #MondayFunday, to quote another popular hashtag.

  1. Brighten Up Your Workplace: Bringing fresh flowers into the office on a Monday will immediately lighten the mood, with the bonus that you and colleagues will be able to enjoy them all week. You could also put up a new painting or photo on the wall to add interest.
  2. Give Staff a Treat: Healthy snacks such as a free piece of fruit can help to get the week off to a great start and improve staff wellbeing. Another alternative is to bring in cakes, but these are probably best kept for special occasions, as office “cake culture” can lead to unwanted extra pounds. Also, Monday is often the day when we all decide to go on a diet!
  3. Plan Out Your Week: Many small business owners and staff find that Monday starts with a frantic attempt to catch up on all the emails and tasks which have piled up over the weekend. Soon you’re feeling stressed and as if you have been at work for days instead of just hours. It can help to take a few minutes at the start and prioritise, planning what you can realistically get done today rather than trying to pack three days’ work into one.
  4. Take a Break Outside: Spending eight hours at your desk without venturing into the fresh air makes the day seem longer and isn’t good for your health. We’re all increasingly aware of the need for exercise and regular breaks, but sometimes it’s easy to forget about it when you are in a rush to get everything done. If you consciously take some time out and go for a walk, it can help to clear your head and make you more productive in the afternoon.
  5. Ring the Changes at Lunch: A recent survey found that most of us eat the same lunch every day at work. Instead of eating your standard sandwich or salad next Monday, it could make you feel more inspired if you try something different – maybe turning a few tasty weekend leftovers into a meal. You could also arrange to eat with others in a break-out area or even share a picnic outside if the weather is good, getting the chance to chat to colleagues informally.
  6. Get in Tune: If you listen to music on your headphones while travelling to work or in the office, could a fun Monday mix help your day? You could choose summer-themed songs even in the winter, or maybe throw in a few up-tempo modern numbers as well as the old favourites. However, you may want to avoid the long list of hit songs which lament Monday’s woes, such as Manic Monday! If you want to play background music to the whole office, though, bear in mind that you are likely to need a licence.
  7. Plan a Fun Activity: Arranging something to do outside work for a few days’ time, whether it’s a shopping trip after week, a trip to the gym or getting together with a friend, can help to break up the week and immediately make it feel shorter. You could also arrange a future social activity for colleagues, such as a sporting event or a meal out, so that everyone has something to look forward to. Events like these can help with team building and office networking.

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