Would your Business Survive the Loss of a Key Person or Shareholder?

May 9th, 2017

Would your business survive the loss of a key person or shareholder? New Bournemouth Licensee, Bespoke Business Protection, introduces risk mitigation strategies to safeguard the future of your ownership, profits and people.

According to industry findings, 46% of new businesses would likely have to cease trading immediately following the premature death or critical illness of one of its key personnel. Most business owners have only limited appreciation of their vulnerability and the financial impact that such a loss would likely incur.  By utilising tax-efficient products which provide Life Assurance, Income Protection, and Serious/Critical Illness Cover, written on the life of your business’ key people, partners or shareholders, your business can be protected against the resulting financial liabilities.

Bespoke Business Protection provides a fresh approach to financial planning for businesses and their owners – a complete focus on protection products and services, and a broader vision of helping business owners understand and protect their company’s future. Founded in 2016, Bespoke Business Protection builds on 7 years in Financial Services, and specialises in the four main areas of Business Protection to ensure delivery as a core product rather than a secondary service.  Additionally, our solutions often utilise products which promote a ‘Wellness in the Workplace’ scheme, providing employee benefits that encourage health and wellbeing whilst protecting and supporting your workforce.

Over the coming months, Bespoke Business Protection will be providing spotlight articles on the four core cover options of Shareholder Protection, Key Person Cover, Business Loan Protection and Relevant Life Policies to assist companies with understanding how suitable, cost effective and tax efficient cover, can alleviate significant risks to their business.  To find out more detail about the different types of cover now, visit their website and discover how your business can be protected and you and your employees can benefit.

David Lewins, Managing Director of Bespoke Business Protection, said: “We look forward to working within Basepoint and meeting other business owners, and aim to take the opportunity to help them identify their potential financial risks associated with the loss of key staff or shareholders, and offer them tailored contingency plans to protect the future of their businesses.”

Bespoke Business Protection will be holding informal coffee and pastry mornings over the coming months in the breakout zone at Bournemouth. Come and meet them in a relaxed and informal setting. The next dates will be announced by Basepoint Bournemouth shortly. In addition, for Basepoint Licensees, they are offering complimentary personal protection surgeries where they will happily visit your office and discuss the needs of you and your employees. Contact them directly to arrange a visit.

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