Getting Young People Interested in Business

November 15th, 2017

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It’s important for small companies to get the younger generation interested in business, as they are your potential customers and employees of tomorrow. Often young people may not
consider going into business – but local companies can help to build awareness of the varied career opportunities which are available.

Building professional relationships with young people can bring new skills to your company, particularly in the digital field. Two-way communication can also help you understand your younger customers and create new ones, by targeting your marketing correctly.

Basepoint is a leading supplier of flexible office space and we have more than 30 centres. Many of the small businesses based in our business centres offer products and services of appeal to the younger generation, such as apps and digital services. Here are our top tips for small businesses who are looking to create links with the next generation and help to create the employees of the future.

Contact Schools – Many schools already liaise with local employers, but you can also choose to make the first move. Talking to the relevant careers teacher could help you to find out what they are looking for from employers in the area. Taking part in fairs and events organised by local schools can help to publicise your business, or you could arrange to give a talk to students about career opportunities in your own specialist field.

Getting young people’s interest at an early age may help to interest them in working for you later on, rather than just thinking about larger businesses. Working with schools and colleges is also a way of supporting and giving back to the local community. 

Work experience – The ideal way to get young people interested in your business is to let them see how you operate at first hand. This benefits the younger generation, by giving them a foothold in the world of work. SMEs can be especially attractive as a place for interns or students to gain experience, as they will be more likely to see the results of their efforts right away. It is also often more likely that a placement with a smaller firm can be tailored to the individual’s talents and interests.

The Government’s official website offers detailed advice on your legal responsibilities regarding work experience, internships and voluntary work. The type of work people are going to do during their placement, and what they are going to be paid, should be agreed in advance.

Benefiting Both Sides – Temporary roles for young people within your business can often help your existing members of staff. For instance, if you take on a young person during the summer, your staff will be grateful to have an extra pair of hands around during the peak holiday period.

Employees will also benefit from being given the responsibility of mentoring younger people, and evidence shows that their productivity will often increase, because they feel more valued w

ithin the company.

Young people can also make a real contribution and may even be able to put forward new ways of doing something which you had not even considered or known about. For instance, they can often come up with helpful suggestions about using digital or social media. If you want to market your products or services to younger people, getting opinions from this age group is also very valuable.

If you would like to know more about engaging with the younger generation, you could also talk to fellow members of the Basepoint business community. Our centres offer flexible office space in Gosport, High Wycombe and Northfleet, and 29 other locations. Each of them hosts a wide variety of events, including networking meetings and talks from guest speakers. Click here to see our locations and arrange a free viewing.